Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 9 November 2013

The villages of Casoli and Barga

This morning, as with most mornings at the moment, low hanging fog covered the surrounding area.


Once the fog had lifted we decided to visit Casoli which is about 15 km from Ponte a Serraglio and sits 586 meters above sea level. The turn off to the village is over this lovely little narrow bridge and as you wind your way upwards and get a glimpse of the village.

OK. The real reason we were here was to have lunch at this little bar/ristorante. We have been told it does the best ravioli with butter and sage. We were very disappointed to see the sign on the gate – closed until the end of November.

So we settled for a walk around the village.

This house has a lovely garden terrace with views you would never tire of.

Persimmon trees are still ripening – I don’t think they will be ready before we leave so we will miss the taste test.

In nearly every village there is a ‘doer upperer’ just waiting for the right buyer.

And these would have to be a couple of the healthiest and best kept cats we have seen.

We went home for lunch – not the same as the mouthwatering ravioli with butter and sage we had set out to enjoy but ….

In the afternoon we headed north to Barga with Debra as she had seen a poster advertising a festival. A bit of a fizzog – I think we were to early – but Barga is a lovely place.

The Apuan Alps are a wonderful backdrop and probably the main feature of a visit a Barga.

We have been there quite a few times and enjoyed lunch here on a previous occasion.

The cathedral sits up at the top of the village and can be seen from most directions.

The main entrance into the old town is through Porta reale (the arch) and these are just a couple of lovely old buildings, gardens, statues and art pieces inside.

Barga also claims to be ‘the most Scottish town in Italy’. During the early part of the 20th century many families from the area travelled to Scotland seeking work and over the years their descendants have returned to Barga.


  1. Love the Leg chairs – might be hard to slip into the carry on luggage.

  2. We reminisced with your photos of Barga….and we ate lunch at the same restaurant -lovely place to visit!

    • Yes it is and the changing seasons are so lovely to see.

  3. I love those November mornings with that fog. I think that they enhance the beautiful landscape. And Barga is a beautiful town.

    • We love looking out the window each morning to see what is happening on the mountains.

  4. About time you two got back to some meals at home.
    Hope it was a nice lunch.
    Heather and Tony

    • Lovely soup…but not as good as the ravioli with butter and sage.

  5. Wow! What fantastic photos!! It almost makes me want to visit there myself. :O) xx

    • The whole area of Bagni di Lucca is so lovely. Well worth a visit!

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