Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 11 November 2013

The seasons first dusting of snow

We joined Debra on a trip to Vergemoli today for lunch and a quick check on their house up there. Arriving in Vergemoli we noticed just a very light fall of snow on the mountains in the distance.



Casa Debbio looked great as usual and Debra, Maureen and Jim are about to enjoy lunch on the terrace. It was a little windy and very cold up in the mountains, probably only 10 deg or so. Vergemoli is 620 metres high – the views are amazing.

On the way home we were excited to see the first snowfall for the season on the Apuan Alps. Such a lovely sight and the cloud formations added to the beauty.

And to top it all off we had a lovely sunset here as well.


  1. Beautiful – Get ready for an Australian summer – it might be a shock to the system judging by your attire!

    • Hope it doesn’t get much hotter before we arrived. We will melt!

  2. Great place! Must be fun watching the seasonal change!

    • It is so lovely Pauline. The colours and skies are beautifully.

  3. Amazing, there is a book full of photos worth publishing. Great job.

  4. Great photos! Winter is definitely arriving..

    • Yes, the season has changed again and the days are much cooler.

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