Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 14 November 2013

Volterra – an Etruscan village

Anyone who owns a navigation device will understand the experience we had today. Setting our course for Volterra we headed off without incident, with Debra and Maureen, until the bridge over the Arno river was closed for repairs. Usually our planned trip would take about 2 hours, but the confusion of a closed road extended our trip by half and hour at least – although we were not complaining as we saw some magnificent farming countryside along the way.

The hill top village of Volterra dates back to Etruscan times, over 3,000 years ago. Amazing! It is 531 metres high and even on a overcast and hazy day the views were great.


The village has many lovely buildings.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was rebuilt around 1120. It was enlarged in the 13th century after an earthquake. This notable wood Deposition dates back to 1228 and there are paintings and fresco’s from the 14th century.

The history of the Roman Theatre, which was excavated in the 1950’s is from the 1st century BC.

The trees in the park are changing colour.

But as usual, the most important part of the day was lunch. We dined at Ristorante Del Duca. The food and wine were very nice. We shared two starters – Wild boar ham with spicy Tuscan cheese fondue and a Fois gras Terrine with figs and orange caramel. The mains were Fillet steak with a Chianti port sauce and almonds served with roasted vegetables; Roasted suckling pig with grilled white beans and Leg of rabbit in Vernaccia sauce with Taggiasche olives and capers. The lovely little coffee cups served espresso.

And here he is – picture perfect!

This will probably be our last sightseeing day away from the area. We leave here on 22nd November and will arrive back into Perth on 25th. The past 8 1/2 months have been such an amazing adventure!


  1. I was almost feeling sorry for you, having to leave all that behind ( especially the food !! ) but then I remembered you have been living the dream for nine months and I don’t feel sorry for you at all !! So looking forward to seeing you at home .xx

    • We have certainly been living the dream….and expanding!

  2. Wonderful photos as usual! Looking forward to catching up when you pass through town. :O)

    • Thanks for the comment. See you soon.

  3. I am surprised you are returning to Perth. I can imagine both of you living this life you have had over the past 8 months for many years to come. I am looking forward to Jim having to start pushing a lawn mower again like the rest of us. (just jealousy coming out !)


    • If only we could stay…..

  4. I am missing that food! Enjoy it while you can. It is so expensive to go out for dinner here compared to Italy and the food not as good. Hit me when I got back. New restaurant in Fremantle $40 for a bottle of House wine! Lousy house wine! X

    • Oh! that is not good to hear – hate paying good money for a bad bottle of wine!

  5. Volterra is a wonderful city and your pictures show this beautifully. And your lunch looks so yummy!!!! Thank you for sharing them and for all your great posts.

    • Thanks….we have enjoyed doing the blog…..and it is a great reminder for us as well.

  6. OMG, suggest you two start detoxing your selfs for entry back into Australia soon. Also it’s essential that you manage your withdrawal from the good lifestyle back to earth carefully to avoid depression etc. loos like those days of just dropping in for a coffee or lunch on the river at obviously minimal expense are ending soon. Take care and see you both soon. Oops, sorry, I am in Emerlad today , travelled through Roma as well, another big place, the country is very green and the scenery is very nice, heading home shortly Colin

    • See you soon. We will certainly miss this wonderful lifestyle.

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