Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 15 November 2013

Some of natures best

The beautiful autumn here in Italy is in full colour at the moment. It is just georgeous!

This white magnolia has amazing seed pods.

I just love this shrub – I think it is a Phytolacca Americana. It has bright pink stems and the flowers/seeds range from green to pinkish/purple. It is growing in our back laneway.

Yellow flowers are a favourite.

I don’t think any of these are edible.

Bees have been busy all year.

These lovely little flowers were so sweet.


  1. Enjoy your last week. I will miss your blog. The photos have been spectacular. Hopefully see you in Victoria in the not to
    distant future. Love Rob xx

    • I’m sure we will get to Melbourne for a game next footy season.

  2. Thank you both for the wonderful photos and commentary of your time in Italy/France over the past nine months, it has been just splendid. I am sure you will be sad to be leaving you new found friends and your home away from home. Enjoy your last week in Italy (well for now) and safe travels back to Australia. Cheers Julie T.

    • Looking forward to seeing you all soon….our Xmas lunch awaits!

  3. Fantastic photography and commentary.
    How are U2 ever going to be resettled in little out of the way WA upon your return?

    • As they say….home is home!

  4. Autumn has always been our favourite season to visit Italy. The rich foliage colours are the perfect frame for the gorgeous buildings.

    • Yes we don’t get the colour changes like this in WA.

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