Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 16 November 2013

Meet Luciano Volpi

On Friday we visited Lago di Pentecosi which is a small lake used for hydro electricity to the north of Castelnuovo in the Garfagnana. It is a very pretty drive up along the Serchio River passing through quite a few villages. The lake is 321 metres above sea level and has a population of about 250 people.


Arriving at the lake we went for a walk along the path…only to come to a dead end. It would have been lovely to be able to walk all the way around but nevertheless it was very nice and so quite and peaceful. The lake has an abundance of blue heron plus many other water birds and the area has now been made a UNSECO site of natural interest.

On returning to the car park we were greeted by Luciano Volpi and his 4 yr old grandson Nicholi who was out to feed the ducks and geese.


Luciano had heard us talking and recognised our accent as Australian so came over and introduced himself. He is now retired but worked for Dunlop Tyres in many locations across Italy, Switzerland and Australia – Hobart for 1 year and Melbourne for 2 years. It has been 26 years since he worked in Australia but he has returned three times on holidays to visit friends. He also has friends in Perth and said many families from the area had relocated to Perth over the years. Luciano was born in the village and built his own home here. It is the pale pink one on the right.


He went on to say that he and two mates had built this community area on the banks of the lake. A few years ago the village hosted a long table dinner for 1,200 guests from all over Italy. Tables were set along the park and across the car park. That would have been amazing to see.


He was very friendly and wants to continue speaking English so that he doesn’t forget the language. Luciano did have an odd request – on our return to Perth he would like us to send him a postcard – which of course we will do!


  1. Wow this is all so exciting ! I really enjoy residing your posts of you daily adventures in Italy ! I hope we can meet in Sydney one day ! Safe travels home ! We’re in Myanmar / Yangon at the moment ,very interesting !

    • Look forward to hearing all about your trip when we come to Sydney.

  2. What a beautiful spot! And this is a small world… you always find people with Australian links in Italy!

    • Luciano was such a lovely man….he really enjoyed his time in Australia and remembers it fondly.

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