Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 19 November 2013

The local food is excellent – Part 3

A final look at local restaurants all of which have been of a very good standard. No disappointments.

Del Sonna up at La Villa is very popular and sometimes has a permit to close the street and use it for dining. The traffic through the village is diverted onto a side street making a pedestrian area for about 150 metres. Meals are always good here.


We regularly go over to the coast to Forte dei Marmi and on this occasion we lunched at Il Fortino. The seafood was excellent especially my ‘seafood soup’.

Da Bruno here in Ponte a Serraglio has truffles as their speciality. The meals are very nice but unfortunately no photos.

Vico Pancellorum has a lovely restaurant called La Bucca di Baldabo which is 18km away. It has become a bit of a favourite and is where we are having our farewell dinner.

Osteria Il Buon Gustaio up at La Villa is very well appointed and well worth a lunch. The €10 ‘Pranzo’ was a hit.

Il Biribisso up in Granaiola does a great BBQ night. Meats are cooked in the outdoor grill and all reports are that it is very good. We dined up there over the summer but I forgot the camera so no photos. I do remember the desserts were fabulous.

This lovely osteria is Al Barchetto on a small fishing lake up near Gallicano where we had a great ‘Pranzo’ for €10 each. Very nice setting and a great place for lunch or dinner.


  1. Hi Jim and Kerry yum yum – puts my turkey toastie to shame. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure when you return to Oz.

    • Food very good – no complaints from this end.

  2. When you come back we will try some more.

    • Sounds like a very good plan.

  3. You are right, we are fortunate to have such a good choice of restaurants in our area. And I knew that you were going to enjoy “Il Buon Gustaio”. Full of local people… and they know where to get good value for money.

    • It was very good….pity we didn’t have more time here so we could return.

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