Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 23 November 2013

Milan – what a great last day

Although it was a little gloomy and the temperature hoovered around 6 deg for most of the day – it didn’t rain for our last day in Italy. Milan, the city of world fashion, was lovely to see.

We were absolutely amazed at how large the Duomo is. It is the third largest cathedral in the world with a capacity to seat 40,000 people. Construction began in 1386 and took five centuries to complete. No wonder as it is huge.


In the piazza outside the Duomo we were lucky to see this medieval festival with period costumes, flag throwing and accompanying music. It was very impressive.


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a beautiful building and houses many of the high end shops.

We had lunch in the La Rinascente shopping centre. Pizza and salad…pretty much italian.

Here is the perfect girls chocolate gift – shoes and handbags made of chocolate.


The Castello Sforzesco was built in 1368 as a fortress and today it is a museum and culture centre hosting art exhibitions and various other displays.

We walked Via Dante, Vittorio Emanuele II and Monte Napoleone which are home to all the lovely fashion labels. But rather than show you the winter fashions on display, here are their lovely Christmas displays instead.



  1. Love the pictures! Amazing spectacle 🙂

    • Thank you…it is a very pretty city.

  2. What a great spectacle, love the photos! Have a safe trip home Kerry and gentleman Jim!!! X

    • We had a great time in Milan. Try to get there for a visit if possible.

  3. Milan is great 🙂

    • Yes is it. We would love to go back again.

  4. how were the birds in Italy , I;m told not many

  5. What a fantastic last experience! Have so much enjoyed your blog! Safe travels home….and good luck settling in to a ” normal” life!

    • It will be nice to settle back here for a while. See you in Qld.

  6. Fantastic, thank you for sharing your journey. Have enjoyed it immensely. Feel like I have been on holidays & didn’t need my suitcase.

    • So glad you enjoyed coming on holidays with us.

  7. Wow!

  8. As Debra says, you were very lucky indeed. I love the beautiful costumes! The Christmas decorations are gorgeous. Enjoy your stay!

    • Yes, the costumes were amazing and very colourful.

  9. I love the spectacle of flag throwing…lucky you.

    • They are very skilled with the flags….it was great to see.

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