Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 11 May 2015

Giro d’Italia – Stage 5

Margaret River & Beyond

Everywhere you travel in Italy there are cyclists on the road – it is a very popular sport.

This years Giro d’Italia, Italy’s national cycling road race, will be travelling through Ponte a Serraglio in Bagni di Lucca, the village we lived in during our stay in Italy. The cyclists will be racing directly past Villa Isabella and then turning right at the piazza and over the little bridge past our friend Debra’s balcony. Keep you eye out for her – she will be waving the Australian flag to say hello to us.

The stage starts in La Spezia over on the coast and finishes in Abetone – a ski resort in the Apennine Mountains, about 40 km from Ponte a Serraglio.

Giro d’Italia is to Italians what Tour de France is to the French and the spectators are just as passionate.

The tour is being televised on Foxtel Eurosport…

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  1. Italian lifestyle looks divine and so inviting in all your posts 🙂

    • Thank you…yes it is wonderful.

  2. I agree. I so wish I was there 😦 nice to connect! I blog on Italy too (

  3. Hi Jim and Kerry,

    That would be a pretty exciting day in Ponte a Serraglio. Drinking a few glasses of Vino watching the Giro go past….would be amazing.

    • What a shame we are all not there at the moment. We will enjoy the TV coverage instead.

  4. Hi Jim & Kerry,

    Will be watching but we don’t have Foxtel. Do you know when or how far into the day the Peloton gets to Lucca? The SBS telecast starts with about 80 Klms to go to the finish.



  5. According what we have heard, the race will not be traveling through Ponte a Serraglio, although they will be quite visible from Debra’s balcony, as they come from Fornoli and continue to La Villa -where there are flags and decorations everywhere – along Via Roma and Via Umberto I, they will go past the Town Hall to turn into Ponte Nuovo and finally turn into the Brennero Road and past the mill towards Abettone. So, if you are watching the race, you may see us at around 3 pm, local time with an Italian and a Spanish flag.
    One of the good things of events like this one is that Council got a 230,000€ grant to resurface the road from Fornoli to Ponte Nuovo, something which was badly needed and that they could not afford..

    • Thanks for the info – the route was on the Giro d’Italia website so I assumed that it would follow that – so we will be watching with interest to see where it goes. We will keep our eye out for you both as well. Enjoy the day….cheers.

  6. Will watch out for Deb on the balcony xx

    • Jan, Deb will be waving to us all. See her comment on Margaret River & Beyond as well.

  7. Hi Andrea….yes we would love to be back there as well. Miss the Italian lifestyle so much.

  8. I so wish I could be there. We are keen cyclists and a few years ago we travelled from Ponte to watch the Giro at Montecatini, it was electric.

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