Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 9 October 2015

Beijing and the Great Wall of China

Margaret River & Beyond

We have recently returned from a 13 day tour of China which we thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately due to China’s ban on external social media, we were unable to use Facebook, Google or WordPress which I use to publish this blog. We were however able to use our email so could keep in touch with family.

We flew into Beijing at night and were amazed at how huge this city is – current population is nearly 24 million and growing. This photo is just a small part of the city.

The weather was perfect. Clear skies and about 28 deg. C. There had been a thunderstorm the previous night and as a result the smog cleared for a couple of days.

Our first tour stop was to Tiananmen Square and as the tourist season has started we were two of the expected 70,000 (yes that is right) visitors for the day…

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  1. Hi Jim and Kerry,
    Thanks for keeping us informed. China really is a beauriful place, very different in every way but nonetheless amazing.. love to catch up and have a yarn about China Noel

  2. Thanks again,Jim & Kerry for keeping us up yo date with your travels
    Love Jean & Mike xx00

    • Glad you are enjoying the trip with us.

  3. Hi Jim and Kerry We have been following the blogs from far afield. Look forward to hearing more about your recent adventures soon. We arrived back via Athens last night. Can’t talk about the footy. Best wishes Peter & Janet

    • Looking forward to catching up and hearing all about your travels. We will talk footy then.

  4. Love to see more of your China trip hope to do the same next year perhaps with APT

  5. Hi Kerry & Jim

    Pleased you enjoyed China I hope the Beijing Pics haven’t had the smog photo shopped out.

    Great to hear you are still enjoying your adventures

    Kind Regards


    [image002] [image003] [twitter] [linkedin]

    • Di…no we were lucky that the storm had cleared the smog….I believe it can be very bad at times.

  6. It was such a lovely surprise to hear from you,isn’t life great.Glad you had a wonderful time.Hope we can catch up one-day.
    Jean & Mike xxoo

    • It was a lovely trip…we will call in when we next pass through Jurien Bay.

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