Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 15 September 2013

Jim ventures out with the local hiking club

On a sunny afternoon here in Ponte a Serraglio Jim was invited by Agostino to join the local hiking club for a 10km hike up into the mountains, taking them up to a height of 565 mtrs after starting at 165 mtrs.

The meeting point was the Agriturismo Pian di Fiume just east of Bagni di Lucca and it is on the banks of the Lima River.

The climb up was fairly steep but there were stops for refreshments in each village and a chance to catch up with others. It was a great afternoon. The sundial created a lot of interest & had a lot of detail.

Along the way these goats and some wild boar were seen as were these colourful but poisonous mushrooms.

Passing through 5 villages on the way the scenery was great.

The adventurers return unscathed!



  1. What a great adventure! Watch out Jim it might get additive!!! Cheers Gary & Pauline

    • Yes, it was great hiking around here. Can’t see Kerry doing too much hiking here!!

  2. You obviously had a great time! After this, you will find that having cappuccino at Il Monaco may be a bit boring….

    • Not at all Maria…..the company is worth going to coffee for.

  3. Jim likes to join the group when he is in BdL. Agostino is a lot of fun and full of adventure.

    • It would keep you fit if you did it regularly – and yes, Agostino obviously enjoys this type of activity.

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